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The Multiroll Sheet Metal Radius Hand Brake

Over 25 Years of sheet metal fabrication has led Christopher Daniel Jeske to invent and develop the Multiroll sheet metal radius hand brake. This machine has no moving parts and doesn’t need electricity to run. You simply pull the metal over the die to form your desired degree on the one inch radius die.

The Multiroll sheet metal radius bender is so easy to use. It comes with a pattern kit made of paper so you can make a set out of thin sheet metal. Keep these patterns handy, because you will use them over and over again as you dream, design and fabricate your ongoing projects. When creating your new piece of art, You will find that the Multiroll tool will amaze you as you create some of the most unique
fabricated parts or jobs.

The Multiroll is made of 6005 aluminum. It has an angle shaped base which is 61" long and 2x3x3/16. The multiroll die is installed onto the "L" base from the ends and the small beads on the "L" hold the multiroll die from coming off when forming sheet metal over it. The "J" die is for reverse flange bending when installed into the "T" slot on the multiroll die which is also installed from the ends to keep it in place when forming reverse flange or no flange radius bends.

The multiroll die is now available in a 120" straight radius brake and a 60" box and pan radius brake. The die sizes are:2",3",4",6", 8",10",12", and 15".The Multiroll hand brake can be used in a wide variety of fabrication industries such as; automotive, motorcycle, arts & crafts, and architectural applications. It is a LIGHT GAUGE fabrication tool only with a capacity of .050 aluminum and 20 guage mild steel.


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5ft assembled-die





122ft brake



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